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Hello! Today’s the first day of fall (aka autumn aka Marathon season aka Pumpkin season aka pile on the Miles time aka…) – how long were you going to let me go with those akas?? I could’ve kept going. but stamina’s always been one of my super powers.

Actually – Fall, Marathon Race Season, Pumpkin season and POTM time are all relevant to Running, eating and today’s post. This is prime time for running so if you’ve been slacking off it’s time to get it together.

Why fall Running is the BEST

Weather has cooled off from the summer heat and humidity. Running will feel easier and more pleasant!

There are a lot of races of all distances. If you want to run a race this year – sign up and start training! [see: Turkey Trots]

Marathon season – even if you’re not running a full marathon this year (or ever) you can follow along for inspiration and motivation! The Chicago Marathon, Boston Marathon (usually not a fall race so this is a treat!) and nyc Marathon are all coming soon.

Fall foods make terrific running fuel! There are tons of delicious options that are healthy and terrific for runners like apples, pumpkin, cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, maple, pear and more. Plus, when foods are in season they taste the best and are typically priced reasonably (compared to off season).

Pile on the Miles – the annual Running challenge I host every November will help you run strong, stay motivated and have fun.

So, now let’s talk about my favorite running gear to help you run your best this season! feel free to chime in on the comments or on Instagram @RunEatRepeat with YOUR favorites to share with your fellow runners.

As the weather cools off and the days become shorter you have to update your running gear accordingly.


Swap your tanks and short sleeve tees for long sleeve sweat wicking tops before you swap your shorts for capris. This will help keep you warm without overheating when the weather is crisp but not cold.

Wear Lights and/or Reflective Gear. If you run outside in the morning or evenings – you’re likely to end up running in darker conditions than the summer. Be safe and make sure drivers and cyclists can see you with the proper gear.

Check the weather and Air reports and plan your training as necessary. Wild fires and weather events may make it risky to run on certain days. Do your best to work around these ‘road blocks’ by adjusting your plan or exercising indoors.

Fall Running must Haves

Sweat Wicking long Sleeve Running Tops – Make sure your base layer is light, comfortable and sweating wicking. swap out your tanks and short sleeve tees for long sleeves before going from shorts to capris or pants. My favorite long sleeve running top is the Athleta Speedlight long Sleeve

Reflective or Light Vest – shorter days mean you need to be sure you’re fully visible while running. wear a LED Light Vest like this one to stay safe. This Rechargeable LED Light Vest with is super light weight and seems popular on IG.

Running Capris – If the weather is amazing enough to wear capris make sure they are made of sweat wicking fabric, have the pockets you need and fit you well. These Athleta ultimate stash Pocket Crops come in sizes XXS to 3X so they’re a terrific option for all runners and I love supporting a size inclusive brand.

Running Socks – if it’s starting to get cooler but isn’t very cold yet, grab gear to keep your extremities warm like socks and gloves. I usually stick with the same brand but switch to a thicker version like these Feetures Max cushion Running Socks.

Running gloves – keep your hands warm in gloves that have reflective tape and are touchscreen friendly. gloves that are brightly colored all the way around aren’t as easy to find as I expected, but these Reflective Running gloves are a terrific fit.

BONUS TIP: The mornings have been so gloomy lately I switched to my yellow lens sunglasses this week. They aren’t the cutest look, but they do help brighten up the outside. I bought these Goodr sunglasses from Amazon but they look to be sold out right now. here is a similar pair – Running Sunnies with Yellow lenses or try these sunglasses with Yellow lenses.

Check out all my fall RUNNING favorites available on Amazon here. 

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